A Very Merry Cricket VHS Children's Video from 1989 with Mel Blanc

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A Very Merry Cricket Vintage VHS Children's Video. Voices by Mel Blanc. Suitable for all ages. Approximate running time is 30 minutes. Originally released in 1973, but brought to VHS video in 1989. 

SYNOPSIS from the back of the sleeve:

"There came a time when during the height of the frantic Christmas season, the entire population of New York City stopped to listen to a cricket play "Silent Night" with its wings. Impossible, you might say? Well, not if you knew a mouse named Tucker, a cat named Harry and a VERY MERRY CRICKET named Chester. Together the three of them make a near-miracle come to pass. For a short time at least, they turn New York into a huge Christmas wonderland of good cheer and fellowship. This animated holiday show features the voice of Mel ("Bugs Bunny") Blanc."

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