ACRONYMITY Board Game Trivia Edition from 2000

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ACRONYMITY Board Game Trivia Edition. Made in 2000 by Acronymity, Inc. For 2-4 players or teams of players. Ages 12 and up. Game was made in the USA.

SYNOPSIS from back of box:

"Acronymity Trivia Edition answers challenging and interesting questions about everyday acronyms and abbreviations. 2 people can play as easily as 20 on teams. Learn the meanings of Acronyms and Abbreviations as you advance around the board. Shorten your path by landing on one of the four Acro-Challenge spaces."

"Are you ready to face all your opponents during the Acro Play? Reverse your roll of the die when you land on the Opposite spaces. Move around the board before your opponents and take a final Acro-Challenge to win the game!!"

"Do you realize how many you see and use everyday? They're everywhere! Acronymity Trivia Edition contains questions that lead to the most fascinating Acronyms and Abbreviations."


  • Gameboard
  • 3 dice
  • 4 markers
  • 952 Acronymity Trivia questions covering topics of Everyday life
  • 4 Acro Chance cards
  • 30 second timer
  • Instructions

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