All Hands on Deck Book by Donald R. Morris from 1961

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All Hands on Deck Book. Written by Donald R. Morris. 1961 edition. From the movie starring Pat Boone, Buddy Hackett, Dennis O'Keefe, and Barbara Eden. Slight shelf wear. Tight binding, clean pages. The pages have browned from age. Looks like it was barely read. Published by Pocket Books. Permabook M-4132. 


"The plot of this novel concerns the difference between man and woman and the hero's strenuous attempts to make the most of it. The Hero's name is Lieutenant Morris, executive officer of a peacetime LST. He falls in love with a beautiful girl, her name is Sally. But the lieutenant's attempts to woo her are continuously interrupted by the US Navy in general. And in particular by a sailor with the improbable handle of Shrieking Eagle Garfield. This Chickasaw brave has forced the Shore Patrols of three continents to learn such simple Chickasaw phrases as "Drop that Bottle!" and "Put that Woman Down!" 

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