ARENA Feel the Terror Marvel Graphic Novel by Bruce Jones 1989 First Printing

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ARENA: FEEL THE TERROR. A Marvel Graphic Novel. From 1989, FIRST PRINTING. OUT OF PRINT and collectible. It is in good condition with a bit of wear to the cover. By Bruce Jones.

"Arena. A lonely stretch of mountain road...a mother and daughter alone in the wilderness, running from the strife of city life, running from the bitterness of divorce and resentment..running, unknowingly into a nightmare world beyond their worst imaginings...a world where their PAST comes rushing back upon them..where the PRESENT reaches out with taloned fingers and twisted smiles in the form of a deranged hillbilly family..where the FUTURE becomes the couple's only hope of salvation, a future that screams down from the blue Ozark skies and into the tortured arena of their terrified lives..melding past present and future into a whirling vortex of fear and horror..where only lightning thought and desperate action can separate the quick from the dead! Arena. Feel the terror!"

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