Betty Ann Lasley Creative Activities Series 3 Lesson 1 FUN WITH PAINTS Video VHS 1988

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Betty Ann Lasley - Lesson 1 Fun With Paints VHS. From 1988.

"Creative Pastimes in Video Presents The Betty Ann Lasley Creative Activities Series - A continuing Library of Fine Quality Instructional Tapes featuring a variety of fun to do, hand-on activities. Series 3 - Happy Hours for ages 8 and up - Lesson 1 - FUN WITH PAINTS."

"Fun-filled activities and crafts perfect for all groups - Scouts, Bible Schools, Nursing Homes, 4-H, School Programs, etc."

Lesson 1: Fun with Paints. TECHNIQUES SHOWN IN THE VIDEO ARE: Stenciling, Potato Stamping, Personalizing. Here are some items you can decorate: sweatshirts, t-shirts, scarves, placemats, pillow covers, notebooks, all types of plastic items - cups, glasses, boxes, picture frames, tin products such as boxes and cake tins, trash cans, hats, JUST ABOUT ANYTHING THAT GIVES YOU A SMOOTH SURFACE TO DECORATE.

Also lists all the supplies that you need to complete the techniques/activities on this video.

The video has been tested to check the video quality, and it plays well.

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