Bratz PASSION FOR FASHION Board Game from 2002 by Milton Bradley

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Bratz PASSION FOR FASHION Board Game. Made in 2002 by Milton Bradley. For ages 7 and up. For 2-4 players.


"It's a funky fashion emergency! Tonight it's Bratz Nite Out and you've gotta look good! But what are you gonna wear? Maybe that totally hot halter! Or those stylin' shoes! But you've checked your closet and they're just not there! Somebody must have borrowed them! That means you'll have to figure out whose closet they're in and get them back before the big night! But be careful: if somebody borrows an item you already have or messes up your hair, you'll definitely be in a fashion funk! Only an emergency visit to the local beauty salon could help you then! Will you be the first to mix 'n match the hottest fashion looks and make it home to win the fashion game and be Bratz beautiful? It's all up to you!"


  • 19" x 19" gameboard with revolving "closets"
  • 4 pawns and stands
  • 20 tokens
  • 4 fashion scoring boards
  • 4 plastic push pegs
  • 2 dice
  • Label sheet
  • Instructions

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