Building Construction Illustrated Textbook by Francis D.K. Ching from 1975

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Building Construction Illustrated Textbook by Francis D.K. Ching. From 1975. Softcover, 320 pages. Looks like it was barely used. Tight binding; crisp, clean pages. Published by Van Nostrand Reinhold Company. Pages have yellowed slightly from age.


"This book is a practical introduction to the basic principles of building construction that illustrates how a building goes together, describes its major physical components, and presents the material options available to the designer and builder and the factors to be considered in their selection.

The book is organized according to a building's physical components: the building site, an overview of the building itself, foundation systems, floor systems, wall systems, roof systems, doors and windows, thermal and moisture protection, special constuction, finish work, mechanical and electrical systems, and notes on materials and finishes.

The author taught at the School of Architecture at Ohio University. He is also the author of Architectural Graphics."

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