Folk Toys Around the World and How To Make Them By Joan Joseph Vintage Book from 1972

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Folk Toys Around the World and How To Make Them vintage book. By Joan Joseph. Illustrated by Mel Furukawa. Published in 1972 by Parents Magazine Press. Hardcover. Cover has some wear. 96 pages. Binding is tight; pages are intact and clean. Working drawings and instructions by Glenn Wagner. There are a few age spots on the front and back cover.


  • Five dolls from Yugoslavia
  • Yo-Yo from the Philippine Islands - Greece
  • The Thunderbolt from New Zealand
  • Bull-Roarer from New Mexico.
  • Tumbling Man from Austria.
  • A Twirling Yo-Yo from the West Indies.
  • Spear The Fish from the pre-Columbian Americas
  • Balancing Fisherman from Portugal.
  • Haman Knocker from Israel.
  • Corn Cob Donkey from Venezuela - Mexico.
  • Flip ball from China.
  • The Hangman's Noose from France.
  • Daruma Dolls from Japan.
  • Prisoner's Lock from Finland.
  • A Shadow Puppet from Indonesia (Java).
  • Thumb Piano from Africa (Uganda).
  • Sagat player from United Arab Republic.
  • Russian Bear from the Soviet Union
  • Pecking Bird from Poland - Czechoslovakia,
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