Fragments From the Delta of Venus Book - By Judy Chicago FIRST EDITION 2004 Printed In Italy

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Fragments From the Delta of Venus Book Art and Introduction by Judy Chicago. FIRST EDITION, from 2004. Text selections from Anais Nin. Hardcover, 102 pages. Printed and bound in Italy. Published by PowerHouse Books. Tight binding; crisp, clean pages. Cover is a light shade of pink. 

SYNOPSIS from back of book:

"This book is a collection of twenty watercolors by famous feminist artist, Judy Chicago. The paintings were inspired by twenty fragments from the erotic short stories of Anais Nin published in the collection, The Delta of Venus. These stories, written for a private collector of erotica in the 1940s, were published in 1974 at the height of both the Sexual and Feminist Revolutions. The erotic artwork throughout this book is beautifully done."

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