The G.U.R.L.Z. Interactive Doll Playset FRANIKA & TIKO by Irwin Toy

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The G.U.R.L.Z. Interactive Doll Playset FRANIKA & TIKO. Made by Irwin Toy. Doll says over 100 phrases! For ages 4 and up. The box has a little bit of shelf wear. Demo batteries no longer work; will include 3 button cell batteries when shipped.

The Gurlz dolls communicate through movement and positioning. They "know" when they're posed and what position they are in. Plug in your Pet's leash and it will talk to you and MORE!


  • G.U.R.L.Z. Interactive Doll
  • Pet with leash and accessory
  • Base
  • 8 page Instructional Storybook
  • Brush
  • Hair Accessories

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