IMAGE The Game of Personality Profiles Vintage Bookshelf Game by 3M from 1972 100% COMPLETE

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IMAGE The Game of Personality Profiles Vintage Bookshelf Game by 3M. Made in 1972. 100% COMPLETE. Contents are MINT and the score pad is thick and appears unplayed. The box and case has a little bit of shelf wear.


"Henry VIII, Robinson Crusoe, Pocahontas, Noah, Booker T. Washington, Krushschev, Freud, Napoleon, Robin Hood, Sitting Bull, Madame de Pompadour - in IMAGE, it's not WHO you know that counts; it's WHEN, WHERE and WHAT you know about whom! A delightfully imaginative game! Search your memory to create "images" profiling famous people or fictional characters. The possibilities are endless - everyone from Adam and Eve to Chairman Mao, King Arthur to Mary Poppins. This ever-changing game is never the same. Famous persons of the past and the present are "recreated" as you play the cards to place them in time, country, and major field of endeavor. You'll score when you play a letter card that corresponds to their last initial. The more you know, the more you'll score! And, you can frustrate your opponents and prevent them from scoring by changing an image before they can complete it. Great family fun for 2-6 players from age nine to ninety! Bookshelf case contains colorful, fold-up playing board, profile and letter cards, score pad and instructions." 


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