Lucasfilm's ALIEN CHRONICLES The Golden One Audio Book by Deborah Chester from 1998

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Lucasfilm's ALIEN CHRONICLES The Golden One Audio Book. By Deborah Chester. Fully dramatized with sound effects and original music. From 1998. HighBridge Audio Company. Approximate running time is 3 hours on 2 audiocassettes. 


"A new saga, a new universe. A new destiny. A legend is about to be born....history will name her Ampris the Exile, Leader of the Great Emancipation Conqueror of the Viis.

For centuries, the kingdom of the beautiful, reptilian Viis flourished. The empire that once ruled scores of systems is now concentrated on one decaying homeworld. But Sahmrahd Kaa - ruler of the Viis - is not concerned. He has just purchased a new pet for his daughter. The animal is an Aaroun - a lower creature kept by the Viis as slaves. Unknown to the Kaa, however, it the true importance of this "pet." 

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