MYTHBUSTERS Buster's Biggest Crashes DVD from Discovery Channel

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MYTHBUSTERS Buster's Biggest Crashes DVD from the Discovery Channel. From 2012. Rated TV-PG. Total running time is 226 minutes. 


"Buckle up, Mythbusters fans, for this collection featuring the true star of the show: Buster! This famed crash dummy has seen it all. From the safety of your living room, you'll be an innocent bystander as Adam Savage and James Hyneman do what they do best - bust Buster up and call it a test. From jet engines to Jimmy Hoffa, the Mythbusters team will investigate urban legends with their usual scientific flair, as well as share indispensable information, such as the quickest way to cool a six-pack. Plus, this collection includes the feature-length episode of Mythbusters Mega-Movie Myths, where the team deconstructs some of Hollywood's most infamous scenes. Don't miss these five hours of Buster's biggest crashes, collapses, and smashes - all in the name of truth and science."


  • Buster Special
  • Cooling A Six Pack
  • Buried in Concrete
  • Mega Movie Myths

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