Paige by Paige - A Year of Trading Spaces Book by Paige Davis from 2003

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Paige by Paige - A Year of Trading Spaces Book. Written by Paige Davis. From 2003. Published by Meredith Books. Softcover, 222 pages.


"Go behind the camera with host Paige Davis for an affectionate insider's look at life with the Trading Spaces cast and crew. In this memoir of a year in her life, Paige offers a glimpse into the fascinating world behind the show and celebrates the people who make it happen. She also shares the extraordinary opportunities that have come her way because of her role as host. From encounters with elephants, alligators, and iguanas to a ride in a refueling jet and appearances on the Wayne Brady Show, Hollywood Squares, and Jeopardy, Paige recounts her experiences with humor and a sense of wonder and joy. You'll get to know the real Paige (she's a lot like the Paige you love on camera), and you'll be charmed by her candor and openness."

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