Richard Scarry's BEST FIRST BOOK EVER! Hardcover from 1979 RARE

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CONDITION: ACCEPTABLE. Pre-owned with a few damaged pages.

Richard Scarry's BEST FIRST BOOK EVER! from 1979. Hardcover. RARE. Published by Random House. Binding is tight. 

I am listing this book in acceptable condition due to the fact that about two pages have some portion of the top edges missing on them. Nothing majorly significant, especially to just be reading to a child, but had to be mentioned. Also, a very minor tear on the bottom of one page edge, which I have mended with a small piece of clear tape. This is a hard to find book for the year published. 


"Huckle Cat and Lowly Worm have fun learning about: Colors, Counting, Shapes and Sizes, The Alphabet, Good Manners, Parts of the Body, The Months of the Year and more than 700 words. Each large, colorful illustration is full of everyday objects and details, all clearly labeled. Like every Richard Scarry book, it will provide hours and hours of educational entertainment."

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