Star Trek Deep Space Nine EMISSARY VHS Video Collector's Edition by Columbia House

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Star Trek Deep Space Nine EMISSARY VHS Video. Collector's Edition by Columbia House. Hard to find edition. Made in 1996. Originally aired the week of January 4, 1993.


"EPISODE: EMISSARY: STARDATE 46388.2: Commander Benjamin Sisko, widowed in a battle with "Locustus" (the Borg-altered Captain Picard), reluctantly arrives at his new assignment, an abandoned Cardassian space station orbiting planet Bajor. While becoming acquainted with his diverse crew and directing massive repairs to the station, Sisko must persuade the tenants to stay aboard, communicate with Bajor's shaky provisional government, cope with being declared a Bajoran religious figure - and confront his own reluctance to remain in Starfleet. This science fiction epic, which introduces the series' cast and background, emphasizes Sisko's personal triumph over the bitterness and grief that could have ended his career."

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